When temperatures are below -10 degrees (C) road salt is mixed with catalysts in order for the salt to brine and to work effectively. Using liquid to "pre-wet" conventional solid de-icers also reduces bounce and scatter, and environmental emissions while increasing performance and service levels. Using the power of magnesium chloride, liquids are used by leading salt companies to significantly improve the working temperature of salt and accelerate the brining process for faster melting. Treated salt is coloured blue to aid in product distribution when applying. This premium product will be effective to -40 degrees (C) and will have longer lasting results than un-treated road salt.

Better for the environment – our magnesium chloride is approved for organic production as a crop fertilizer and soil amendment by OMRI in the US and Canada. Treated Salt is twice as effective as salt, and 80% less corrosive. Safe on pets, interlock, & stamped concrete.  50 LB Bucket of 'Treated Salt' for driveway snow & ice prevention. $2 discount per purchase on returning


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Blue Treated Salt 50LBS

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